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Forgotten Desires – A Short Story

I’m in love with the cover for FORGOTTEN DESIRES!

This short story of 5K words will be released September 21st in ebook on all platforms to help raise funds for The Eve Appeal. 100% of profits made on sales will go to the women’s cancer charity.

It’s a small story with a big message. I truly hope everyone will invest the 0.99p sale price to read it, and at the same time help raise money for this worthy cause.

Pre-order and synopsis coming soon!

Big love <3


JEM xxx


JEM _ Book CoverFINAL

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  1. Hi Jodi,

    GOOD FOR YOU! I will gladly spend my money to #1 read one of your books and #2 for such a needed cure. If all authors did what you are doing…who knows. You may have started something pretty fabulous.

    Waiting patiently for your next series – enjoy life and thanks for the reading enjoyment.


  2. Hi Jodi
    I have read This Man series and I loved it, I’m looking forward to your next book a very worthwhile cause

  3. Hi!, I just fall in love of all your books. One thing, this new story would be translate to other languages? or be only english?. Thanks for be so awesome, never change!

  4. This Man and One Night trilogies totally changed my life,they are the best written books I’ve ever read and trust me,I’ve read quite a lot. Definitely reading this,You are perfect,Jodi. I’m your biggest fan.

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