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This Man TV Series & The Protector Movie. Holy Sh!t!

Zero, Baby!



#PassionIsComing #LongLiveTheLord

Turns out Jake’s not to be ignored, either.


Jake is coming to screen in THE PROTECTOR MOVIE. Go on. Go ahead and lose your shit. Oh…and Jesse Ward is coming to screen in the THIS MAN TV SERIES! Shit officially LOST. Who’s dead yet?


I AM SO EXCITED! Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would ever happen. When I wrote about our Lord of The Manor, I remember telling myself that if 100 people read him and loved him, happy daze. I’ve been in that daze for the past five years while adding more stories and more alpha men to the JEM Alpha Bible. And now TWO of them are being brought to life by the magic that is PassionFlix.


PassionFlix is a new online streaming network launching in September that is dedicated to bringing the books you love to life, and I’m so thrilled to be working with them on these projects. A walk on role in THIS MAN or THE PROTECTOR anyone? They are just two of the possible perks to becoming a Founding Member and joining me on this journey. You’ll also get to vote on who we cast in these immensely important roles. You’ll get behind the scenes intel, and exclusive discounts on PassionFlix & JEM merchandise. 


Make sure you like the new pages that have been set up to follow these projects:


And show PassionFlix some love…


Peace out, people! I’m off to narrow down the search for our Jesse & Jake. Such a chore!


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  1. yeayyyy
    jesse and jake live in front of oue eyes. soooo excited

    call me dumb but does tv series mean actually on tv or is this man on passionflix too

    so happy for jodi you deserve to have your name on the screen.

  2. I his man series about five times. Love this series, and cannot wait to see the tv series. Who is going to be Jesse Ward? Have they decided as yet?

  3. Favor two beautiful couples with lots of chemistry. Do not make the mistake of adapting Grey with two boring actors. The trilogy My man is perfect, nothing changes. The Protector is very good only another end more according to the new happiness of all. Thank you for making us dream.

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