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Week 3 of filming The Protector Movie is done…

And you know, this experience is passing me by way too fast. There’s been so much happening on set, and we’ve delivered lots more casting news, from Lucinda to Logan’s heavies. Not to mention the fact that we got to film some amazing scenes in the iconic Tate Modern. And the more I see this slowly coming together, the more excited I am for you and for me. I’m watching some seriously talented actors do their thing with my characters, and I’m feeling pretty damn lucky right now. Don’t forget, there’s a special offer on all Founding Member subscriptions to Passionflix throughout October. Sign-up and get a The Protector Movie T-shirt signed by my leading man and lady. All details can be found here: BECOME A FOUNDING MEMBER. More to come next week, but in the meantime, here’s my highlights from week three filming The Protector Movie.


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  1. It must be every writer’s dream to have their books become movies; to breathe life into their characters. Very envious and know the end result is going to be amazing. Looking forward to seeing The Protector when it comes to Passionflix.

  2. So excited!! I cannot wait to see the Protector brought to life on screen. Thank you Jodi Ellen Malpas for sharing your brilliance with us all

  3. I’d love one of the singed t-shirts huge fan! I can’t wait to see the nightclub scene when Cami gets carried out!
    Good job everyone on set! 👍🏻🤗

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