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3...2...1...Zero, Baby!

The Protector Movie

Coming February 2019

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The Protector Movie Teaser!

I have too many words to fit into a Twitter post 😱 GOOD JAKEY-GOD!  …

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The Protector Movie – Week Four Roundup

That's a wrap on week four! I'm not sure where the time is going. It…

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Week 3 of filming The Protector Movie is done…

And you know, this experience is passing me by way too fast. There's been so…

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New to PassionFlix

Introducing the PassionFlix Quickies!

There’s this super cool section on the PassionFlix platform called The Wine & Cheese Lounge, where you can find interviews with the cast, movie bloopers, and now these short, fun, SUPER HOT mini movies.

The first Quickie was written by JEM and directed by Tosca Musk, and it is available to stream right now!

And here is the pre-Quickie to the Quickie, otherwise known as the trailer.

Behind the scenes & diary from production

That's a wrap

It’s been a fair few weeks since we wrapped on the movie. I didn’t hit the blog up with a post immediately because I felt like I needed a while to absorb and take stock. Then, of course, I got swept up trying to play catch-up on all the things, and then I remembered that I had a stinker of a deadline approaching and I needed to write a book! So, that’s where I’ve been. Writing. It was the perfect way to wind down from all the action on set. The final week was just like all of the other weeks. Incredible. We filmed some of the most intense scenes and some of my favourites. There were road closures, police assistance, cars and vans skidding across roads, Diarmaid sprinting his arse off in multiple takes (poor love!) and Emma producing tears like no-one’s business. I swear, that woman can cry on demand. She’s frigging amazing. And then we wrapped, and I stood there wondering where the hell the past couple months had gone. And now, we wait, not just for the movie, which is the ultimate, obviously, but for the official poster and the trailer too. I can’t say when these might be ready, but hopefully early next year. I’ll shout real loud when I have something to tell. In the meantime, here are some more pictures from set.

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Third week of filming

Week three of filming is done! And you know, this experience is passing me by way too fast. There’s been so much happening on set, and we’ve delivered lots more casting news, from Lucinda to Logan’s heavies. Not to mention the fact that we got to film some amazing scenes in the iconic Tate Modern. And the more I see this slowly coming together, the more excited I am for you and for me. I’m watching some seriously talented actors do their thing with my characters, and I’m feeling pretty damn lucky right now. Don’t forget, there’s a special offer on all Founding Member subscriptions to Passionflix throughout October. Sign-up and get a The Protector Movie T-shirt signed by my leading man and lady. All details can be found here: BECOME A FOUNDING MEMBER. More to come next week, but in the meantime, here’s my highlights from week three filming The Protector Movie.

Second week of filming

That’s a wrap on week two of shooting The Protector Movie…and a few more weeks to go. We spent the week in Surrey at the most beautiful mansion filming the garden party among other things. Spirits are high, laughs are being had, and every now and then I have to stop and think for a moment about where I am and what I’m doing. I’m watching my story be brought to life by an incredible director and a dream cast, and it’s quite mind bending. Characters that have only ever been alive in my mind are standing before me saying words I’ve written and expressing emotions I’ve described. It’s their turn and the director’s to tell my story to you in a visual way, and it’s like I’m creating the story all over again. You are going to L O V E it. Here are some highlights from week two on set…

First week of filming

It’s a wrap on the first week of filming The Protector Movie. I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to describing the week I’ve had. Incredible. Beyond my wildest dreams. Utterly amazing. I really need to collect my thoughts. This movie is going to be insanely good. The director, Tosca, may as well be in my head. Every teeny tiny thing is on point, and I cannot wait to see it all come together. I promise you, it’ll blow your bloody mind. If you follow my on IG, you’ll have joined me on the journey. Here are just some of my highlights from week one.


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“There are no safer hands for you to be in than mine.”

~ Jake Sharp

“He looks powerful. Strong. Fu&king delicious.”

~ Cami Logan

“This Man is so handsome, I’m almost in pain.”

~ Ava O’Shea 

“How loud do you think you will scream…?”

~ Jesse Ward

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What is PassionFlix?

PassionFlix is a new online streaming network that’s dedicated to bringing the books you love to screen, and I’m so thrilled to be working with them to bring Jesse and Jake to life. The production of THE PROTECTOR Movie is now complete, and we’ll be sharing news on its release very soon! The THIS MAN TV Series will soon follow. It’s very exciting times for my alpha men, and I hope you guys join me on this new journey. I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the two projects, so make sure you pop back every now and then to see what’s happening. Or you can follow the This Man TV Series Facebook Page and The Protector Movie Facebook Page to keep yourself in the loop. You can also find out a bit more about  PassionFlix further down the page. Now really is the time to get in on the alpha action and join me & PassionFlix in bringing two of my men to life.

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When is THE PROTECTOR Movie releasing?
The Protector is currently in production. Check back to this page to keep up-to-date on progress.


When is THIS MAN – TV Series airing?

There is no confirmed date as of yet, and TV series generally take longer to pull together. We hope to get things underway asap.


Who will play Jesse & Jake?

Eeppppp! Can you imagine?! Casting has now started for The Protector, and I’ll will be sure to keep you in the loop on all the news. As for Jesse, when the time comes, be sure I’ll be shouting real loud about it. Until then, all eyes are on Jake and Cami.  

Is PassionFlix available internationally?

Yes. All original content is available through the App, and some content will be made available on Amazon, too. DVD’s are currently in the works.

How much is subscription?

PassionFlix are currently offering subscription for $5.99 per month You can subscribe by pushing the PassionFlix Button. You can also become a Founding member and enjoy stack of perks, including exclusive offers and opportunities to join us on set. Click here to become a Founding Member 

I have a question that hasn’t been answered. Where can I ask? 

There are many places to ask your questions, and we’ll endeavour to answer them as promptly as possible. The best places would be on the Facebook pages for the respective projects, which can be found here… 

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