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Saint or Sinner? An excerpt from Gentleman Sinner.

On Friday I asked you if you wanted a piece of Theo the saint, or Theo the sinner…
So here’s the ominous (yet devastatingly alluring) Theo Kane from Gentleman Sinner
“Come to dinner with me,” he demands.
“It’s still no,” I affirm. “With all due respect, Mr. Kane, I’m really not interested in getting involved with a man. Especially not a man who carries a gun. But thanks for the offer.” I smile sweetly, and I can tell he’s struggling to hold back his own amusement.
“But you’re forgetting something, Miss White,” he says roughly, and I tilt my head, prompting him to remind me. “If I want something, I have it.”
“You buy it?” I ask, referring to my fixed phone and flowers.
“What if it can’t be bought?”
“Then I take it.”
“And what if it fights?”
His lips part, his gaze dropping to my mouth as he moves in and traps me against the wall. Our bodies meld into each other. I feel his chest inflate on a deep suck of air. He looks awed, happy,
his head shaking mildly as if not believing how good it feels to touch me. It feels so good.
He brings his mouth close to my ear. “Then it makes the victory so much sweeter when I win,” he whispers, his hand sliding to the back of my neck and gripping gently, applying a little pressure to turn my head and bring my mouth closer to his. My breath diminishes as his lips skim over mine, and I whimper, the sensation of his mouth, the feel of his tongue tracing across my flesh, and the heat of his breath reeling me in that final stretch. He tastes divine.
Clamping his teeth lightly over my bottom lip, he retreats slowly until it pops free. My palms meet the wall behind me and press into the plaster, anything to hold on to except him.
“You don’t feel or sound like you would fight very hard, Izzy.” He peels his body from mine and pulls the door open, watching me disintegrate against the wall. “Think about dinner.” He walks out, and my fingers come to my lips, feeling gently where his mouth was a moment ago.
“Oh . . . fuc$ing . . . hell . . .”
Coming Feb 5, 2019 from Forever Romance & Orion Publishing Group

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