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The Protector Movie – Week Four Roundup

That’s a wrap on week four! I’m not sure where the time is going. It feels like yesterday I walked onto my first movie set and began this journey. I’ve learned a lot. Crew titles, movie terminology. And I have a newfound appreciation for the work and complexity when it comes to producing films and shows for our viewing pleasure. The various camera angles, the amount of times each scene needs to be shot in order to get the finished product. The small things that piece it all together – things I would never have thought of but all make perfect sense to me now. And the strangest thing…filming out of sequence. This week, we filmed one of the first scenes in the book. And we did it near Tower Bridge, which was crazy good. The Thames, the London skyline, the hustle and bustle. This movie couldn’t be more London if Tosca tried. And it’s perfect. Next week is the final week of filming, and then we’re into editing. Soon we’ll have a movie poster, and also a date for release. I’ll be back in a week’s time with my final thoughts on the final week of shooting. And I’m prepared to be very sad. Here’s my highlights from week 4…

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  1. We haven’t had an update since 10/17. What is the latest? Release date? Poster? Trailer. I check your blog every week, the wait is killing me. 😖

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